About Me!

My name is Siobhan and I’m a 45 year old separated mother of 4 children. Two grown up girls and two boys in secondary school. I have had many careers from Factory Worker after school for 6years to Nail Technician to Art Teacher to being Self Employed in a large retail Art shop/pottery studio to Manager in a Mobile phone shop and recently I opened (and a year later am sadly closing) a cafe where I baked gorgeous things, taught groups to bake and where we had the funnest baking birthday parties! All of which make me at least versatile!

 I love to write and have been part of the Imagine, Write, Inspire online writers group founded by (the getting more famous by the day) Carmel Harrington.

 I also love to fundraise/organise events and I have taken part in some wonderful events with the greatest of people many of whom I now call friends. 

I have realised lately that whilst I’m always after self improvement my biggest failing is reading/learning all the information and not actually doing. So by starting this blog, detailing all the things I want to do in life, putting my bucket list out there and figuring out what I want from/to give in life I’m hoping I’ll put all the things I’ve learned into practise whilst inspiring others to do the same! The next year is all about Change, Inspiration, Destinations and my Little Bucket List!